Nikita Tewani


*Nikita was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress UK/USA Category for an African Film Academy Award (ZAFAA) for her role in the feature film NIYA*

"The show also benefits from a strong supporting cast, including...Nikita Tewani as daughter Aziza" -The San Diego Union-Tribune (A Thousand Splendid Suns)

"The payoff comes in a wrenching climactic scene - involving excellent work from all four characters - that feels fully earned." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (The Who & The What)

"Most notable among the supporting actors are...and Nikita Tewani as Laila’s daughter, who grows into a vibrant pre-teen." -Huffington Post (A Thousand Splendid Suns)

"Also excellent are Nikita Tewani as Laila’s daughter, Aziza, and a very young Neel Noronha as her son, Zalmai." - Theatrestorm (A Thousand Splendid Suns)

"Nikita Tewani (Nasrin), is a versatile actress able to play the clown and the unraveling teenager with brilliant skill." - NY Theatre Guide (The Fall)

"Specific praise to...Nikita Tewani as a powerful, conflicted Nasrin" - Theatre is Easy (The Fall)

"Strong performances by the protagonists Deeksha Ketkar, Ram Kanneganti, and Nikita Tewani, augmented the already strong storyline of the play." - Brown Girl Magazine (A Muslim in the Midst)

"...his wife Priya (played with a steely but vulnerable core by Nikita Tewani)" - Theatre Reviews Limited (A Muslim in the Midst)